ParanormalDefinitions &Terminology




An abductee is someone taken,generally against his or her will, by nonhuman beings. An experienceris someone who has been taken by nonhuman beings. An “experiencer” isconsidered an alternative to “abductees,” and less pejorative of theexperience


Kidnapping by non-human beings. The first reported claim of alienabduction was in Brazil in 1957 and since then there have been reportsfrom all over the Western world – in Europe including the UK,Australia, South Africa, Russia, and North America. Although people’sexperiences vary quite widely, the following features recur*Light, especially a beam which draws the person up, and sometimesvibration.*A spacecraft of some kind.*Humanoid beings, especially small gray ones with large black eyes, whocommunicate by telepathy.*Medical tests being performed and eggs or sperm removed so thathuman/alien offspring can be produced.*Lost periods of time and inexplicable small wounds.*Very few accounts are complete but sometimes the full story isrecovered through hypnosis.


One of several terms used interchangeably to refer to life after death.The word “afterlife” has been used since 1615, and is generic enough touse in almost any setting and culture. Other terms include “crossingover,” “the Otherworld,” and “the other side.” Most ghost hunters avoidspecific religious terms such as “heaven” when discussing ghosts,hauntings, and an afterlife.


A living person who is the epicenter of poltergeist activity.


Somebody denying God’s existence is provable: somebody who believesthat it is impossible to know whether or not God exists.


A being or creature not of this Earth, e.g. from outer space.


An item that is worn as a charm to help combat disease, evil and orwitchcraft. It is an item worn as a preservative piece of jewelry andused for the protection of an individual against things that aregenerally considered to be bad.


An Angel is a spiritual or celestial being sent to earth to relay amessage to a person, serve as a protector or help them in theirtransition into the afterlife.


A term used to describe the study or science of angels.Anniversary Haunting:An imprint that usually manifests around the same time each day, month,year or occasion. See Residual Haunting.


An irregular image that appears on photos or video taken by film, ordigital media.


A ghostly figure or form which suddenly and unexpectedly appears.


The sudden appearance of an object or objects during a haunting thatseems to come from nowhere.

ASC (Altered State of Consciousness):

A brain state differing from normal consciousness. Sometimes associatedwith the transportation to a higher realm of consciousness or mysticalexperience. Feelings experienced during an altered brain state can beboth pleasant and unpleasant.There can be a number of different reasons why an individual mightenter an altered state of consciousness and these can include: use ofdrugs, sometimes hypnosis, trauma, sensory deprivation, sleepdisturbance, fever or a neurochemical imbalance. Certain behaviourssuch as chanting and frenzied behaviour are also known to produceeffects.


An object that a spirit causes to appear or disappear from nowhere.

Astral Body:

The essence or spirit of a person having an out-of-body experience.

Astral Plane:

Believed to be a non-concrete realm existing above our own physicalworld inhabited by spirits and other immaterial beings.Astral travel/projection:This is the process of a human spirit traveling outside the human body.Also called Out Of Body Experience, OBE or OOBE.


The theory and practice of the positions and aspects of celestialbodies in the belief that they have an influence on the course ofnatural earthly occurrences and human affairs.


Someone who disbelieves and/or denies the existence of God(s)/deities.


An energy which surrounds all living things which is invisible to mostpeople. This energy is said to be made up of many colors. Thesedifferent colors have different meanings and can show the state of aperson’s health, personality or abilities such as healing.

Automatic writing:

Automatic writing is the process or production of writing material thatdoes not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer. Practitionerssay that the writer’s hand forms the message, with the person beingunaware of what will be written. In some cases, it is done by people ina trance state. In others, the writer is aware (not in a trance) oftheir surroundings but not of the actions of their writing hand.


An unconscious or involuntary muscular movement caused by spirits. (Seeautomatic writing)


The visual hallucination or image of one’s body looking back atthemselves from a position outside the body. (See out of bodyexperience).


Ball Lightning:

Magnetic fields associated with certain types of lightning strikes arepowerful enough to create hallucinations of hovering balls of light innearby observers lasting anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes.These spheres are thought to consist of ionized gas.


Formal, ceremonial, procedure affected to cast an invisible presence orinfluence out from an area. This term can refer either to a spiritualcleansing, or the closing of a magical rite, when the invoked powersare dismissed.


A wailing spirit or “death omen” that will appear to be in twodifferent places at the same time.

Battery Drain:

An unexplained phenomena in which fully charged batteries will suddenlybecome devoid of all charge without any warning or other effects. Thisoften accompanies other forms of paranormal activity. Frequentlyreported by paranormal investigators when on an investigation.


The state or quality of having existence, a living entity.

Bell Witch Haunting, The:

A poltergeist legend from Southern United States folklore, involvingthe Bell family of Adams, Tennessee. According to the legend, the firstmanifestation of the haunting occurred in 1817 when John William Bell,Sr. encountered a strange animal in a cornfield on his large farm inRobertson County, on the Red River, near Adams, Tennessee. The animal,described as having the body of a dog and the head of a rabbit,vanished when Bell shot at it. This incident was quickly followed by aseries of strange beating and gnawing noises manifesting outside andeventually inside the Bell residence. Betsy Bell, the family’s youngerdaughter and the only daughter still living at home (Bell’s oldestdaughter Esther married Alexander Bennett Porter July 24, 1817),claimed to have been assaulted by an invisible force.Bell Sr., later in life, suffered frequent facial seizures, oftenrendering him speechless. He died on December 20, 1820. A small vialcontaining an unidentified liquid he allegedly ingested was found nearhis body. When some of the contents were force-fed to the family cat,the animal died. The vial was then disposed of in the fireplace. PatFitzhugh’s retelling of the Bell Witch legend concludes with astatement to the effect that some people believe that the spiritreturned in 1935, the year when the witch claimed it would return (“onehundred years and seven” past 1828), and took up residence on theformer Bell property. Other sources say that 1935 brought nothing outof the ordinary to the Bell descendants or the surrounding community.

Benign Spirit:

A spirit that is not harmful

Bermuda Triangle:

Known as the “Devil’s Triangle”. The area became infamous because of ‘a high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, andaircraft’. Similar, extensive and futile search and rescue cases havesince led to a popular belief that the area known as the “BermudaTriangle” exhibits mysterious and supernatural qualities.

Billet Reading:

Procedure in which a question is secretly written on a piece of paperwhich is folded or sealed in an envelope, and handed to the psychic whoattempts to answer the question. Various trickery can be employed byfraudulent psychics and mentalists.

Black Dogs:

There have been countless reports of phantom like creatures of canineform, which have been termed, black dogs, devil dogs or hellhounds.They are said to exude a distinctly sulphurous smell and their crimsoneyes glow like fire. It is said that anyone who touches one of thesebeasts usually dies shortly afterwards. Even the act of seeing a blackdog is believed to be an omen of doom.

Black Eyed Children:

Otherwise seemingly normal children who seem to have black irises orthe whole of their eyes are totally black. They are generallyunfamiliar to, and cause a feeling of uneasiness in witnesses Theyoften demand to be allowed to enter ones home or vehicle. Mostwitnesses claim to have felt strongly influenced by the Black EyedChildren and report feeling subconsciously coerced to grant theirrequests. They are a relatively new phenomena in the paranormalsciences. (Another definition): According to some witnesses, they arestrange, young children, usually in their teens or pre-teens, whoinsist on coming inside somebody’s home or car. Not only are theyintimidating and pushy, they also have extremely strange eyes—fullyblack—as if the pupil stretches out covering the iris and sclera.

Black Magic:

Magical spells or rituals practiced with the intention of harmingothers. Cf. white magic.

Bloody Mary Worth:

Typically described as a child-murderer who lived in the local citywhere the legend has taken root years ago. There is often a specificlocal graveyard or tombstone that becomes attached to the legend. Onthe other hand, various people have surmised that the lore abouttaunting Bloody Mary about her baby may relate her tenuously tofolklore about Queen Mary I, also known as “Bloody Mary”, whose lifewas marked by a number of miscarriages or false pregnancies.Speculation exists that the miscarriages were deliberately induced. Asa result, some retellings of the tale make Bloody Mary the queen drivento madness by the loss of her children. It is likely, however, thatQueen Mary only provided her nickname to the Bloody Mary of folklore.She is also confused in some tellings of the story with Mary, Queen ofScots. The mirror ritual by which Bloody Mary is summoned may alsorelate to a form of divination involving mirrors and darkness that wasonce performed on Halloween. While as with any sort of folklore thedetails may vary, this particular tale encouraged young women to walkup a flight of stairs backwards, holding a candle and a hand mirror, ina darkened house. As they gazed into the mirror, they were supposed tobe able to catch a view of their future husband’s face. There was,however, a chance that they would see the skull-face of the Grim Reaperinstead; this meant, of course, that they were destined to die beforethey married.


A grim spectral figure who delights in menacing mortals with rathergruesome pranks and abductions. Although the lore of this character hasdegenerated into a familiar device used to threaten rambunctiouschildren, the ‘Bogey’ was formerly soundly dreaded in Celtic regions,and was said to prowl the stretches of fields, marshes, and moors,looking for hikers and travelers who had strayed from their paths.


Candileja, The:

A type of ghost found in Colombian Folklore which is said to be thespirit of a vicious old woman, who was in charge of her grandchildrenbut neglected to teach then any moral principles, so they grew up asmurderers and thieves. In the afterlife she was damned to travel aroundthe world surrounded by flames. The Candileja is related to theWill-o’-the-wisp phenomenon.


A Brazilian spiritist religion. See also Umbanda, Voodoo.

Case Study:

An in-depth investigation of an individual subject.

Cerebral Anoxia:

Lack of oxygen to the brain, often causing sensory distortions andhallucinations. Sometimes used to explain features of the near-deathexperience.


The study of the “crop circle” phenomena.


A creature found in Western European folklore and folk religion. It istypically described as being the offspring of a fairy, troll, elf orother legendary creature that has been secretly left in the place of ahuman child. The apparent changeling could also be a stock, anenchanted piece of wood that would soon appear to grow sick and die.The theme of the swapped child is common among medieval literature andreflects concern over infants afflicted by as-then unknown diseases,disorders, or mental retardation.A human child might be taken due to many factors: to act as a servant,the love of a human child, or malice. Most often it was thought thatfairies exchanged the children. Some Norwegian tales tell that thechange was made to prevent inbreeding: to give trolls and humans newblood, humans were given children with enormous strength as a reward.In some rare cases, the very elderly of the Fairy people would beexchanged in the place of a human babe, and then the old fairy couldlive in comfort, being coddled by its human parents. Simple charms,such as an inverted coat or open iron scissors left where the childsleeps, were thought to ward them off; other measures included aconstant watch over the child. Not to be confused with a“Shapeshifter“.


The process a medium undertakes to receive information from spirits.


A spell or object possessing magic power.


From the Spanish for “goat sucker”, an alleged creature that issupposedly responsible for draining the blood and/or removing theorgans of mammalian and avian livestock. The name comes from thecreature’s earliest attacks in Puerto Rico where goats where completelydrained of blood. The monster is described by most as being bipedal —some say it walks, some say it flies, and some say it has a kangaroohop — and around four feet tall, weighing an odd seventy pounds, havinga spiked crest, with a round head, greenish-gray fur, large pointyspikes on the back, tailless, huge red eyes devoid of lids, liplessmouth, fangs and claws. There have been numerous sightings ofChupacabras in lower North America, Central and South America, startingin the early 1970s (some even say 50s and 60s, although it has been“formally identified and baptized” only in 1994). There is a lot ofspeculation about its origins, the most popular theory being that thecreature or creatures are from outer space, left on earth by aliens forsome unknown purpose. Others claim that the Chupacabra is an AmericanArmy genetic experiment that went terribly wrong.

Cipher Test:

A coded message left by a person who intends to communicate the cipherafter death.


Means clear hearing – a psychic ability which enables someone to hearvoices or noises unheard by other people.


Means clear tasting – a psychic ability which enables someoneexperience a sense of taste associated with a spirit.


Means clear feeling – a psychic ability which enables someone to feelthe emotional energy of a spirit or living being.


Means clear seeing – a psychic ability to see a objects, people orevents not perceived by the 5 senses.

Cleansing (Psychic):

A less ritualized form of exorcism, where-in a dwelling or site ispurified and malevolent influences are banished through prayers, spokenas the petitioner moves through the area.

Cold Reading:

This is a technique commonly used by fake mind readers, mediums andmagicians which allows them to obtain previously unknown informationabout a person by asking a general series of statements, questions andanswers.

Collective Apparition:

A rare type of sighting in which more than one person sees the sameapparition or phenomena.

Collective Unconscious:

Concept put forward by C.G. Jung to refer to a level of unconsciousthought and experience shared collectively by humans.


An instrument for mechanical communication with spirits of the dead.Known as the Ashkir-Jobson Communigraph, it consists of a small tablewith a free pendulum underneath. The pendulum may make contact with anumber of small metal plates representing the alphabet. The contactcloses a circuit and makes the corresponding letter appear illuminatedupon the face of the table. According to the inventors’ claim, nomedium is necessary for the instrument to work. If a circle sits aroundthe table, the pendulum will begin swinging by what seems to be its ownvolition. The communigraph was developed by the Ashkir-JobsonTrianion—A. J. Ashdown, B. K. Kirby, and George Jobson. After the deathof Sir Vincent Caillard (1856-1930), a prominent British diplomat,industrialist, and writer, his widow, Lady Zoe Caillard, transcribed abook on the communigraph said to be dictated by the spirit of herhusband and entitled A New Conception of Love (1934). She hadpreviously written a book of her own, Sir Vincent Caillard Speaks fromthe Spirit World (1932).


The act of being followed by a paranormal entity, such as an earthboundspirit from a haunted location.

Controlled Environment:

This is a procedure in paranormal psychology that ensures that theexperiment is conducted in a standard fashion so that the results willnot be influenced by any extraneous factors.

Corpse Candle:

A death omen in the folklore of Wales and elsewhere in the BritishIsles. Corpse Candles, also known as “canwell corfe”, as they arecalled in Welsh are mysterious lights which bob over the ground andstop at houses or other sites where death is imminent. Similar lightsare called “Fetch Candles” or “Fetch Lights” in Ireland and northernEngland. They seem to be similar to the “Corpse Lights” phosphorescencebut, differ in that they have the distinct appearance of a candleflame. Corpse Candles are said to be seen floating through the air atnight . Beliefs about them vary by location. They are said to ward ofthe death of those who see them or of someone beloved or of someoneelse known to the party. It is said that they appear approximately halfway between the doomed persons home and their grave. In south HampshireEngland, the lights are said to accompany the souls of the departed andare extinguished when they leave the earth. Ghostly funerals are saidto accompany some lights.

Corpse Lights:

Phosphorescent light seen floating about the air at night which arebelieved to be harbingers of death. They are white, red or blue and areseem both indoors and out doors. They hig the ground, float in the air,hover over the roof of the doomed or appeared over the chest of thedoomed, Corpse Lights are called by various names, including: CorpseCandles, Jack-o-Lanterns, ignis fatuus, corposant, fetch candles, andfetch lights. Since they often appear in marshy areas, they may beproduced by atmospheric conditions. Nonetheless, numerous accountsexist in folklore of their seemingly supernatural appearance.

Cosmic Consciousness:

A blissful experience in which the person becomes aware of the wholeuniverse as a living being. See also altered state of consciousness,mystical experience.

Crisis Apparition:

An apparition that is seen when a person is seriously ill, seriouslyinjured or at the point of death. The theory behind this phenomenon isthat the afflicted person (the sender or agent), who is either ill ordying, sends out telepathically an image of themselves to someone whohas a close relationship with them. It is thought that in general thesender or agent is unconscious or unaware of sending any message.However in the case of a death crisis, where the sender/agent actuallydies, this is clearly difficult to verify.

Crop circles:

Circular or more elaborate formations found in growing crops, mostcommonly in Southern Britain. Sometimes they are associated with UFOsightings. Many formations appear to have been intelligently createdand to have some symbolic meaning. Despite several “confessions” madeby various individuals and groups, the crop circle mystery remainsunsolved.

Cross Species Communication:

To have a special rapport and understanding with animals, plants oralien beings.

Crybaby Bridge:

A nickname given to some bridges. The name often reflects an urbanlegend that the sound of a baby can be, or has been, heard from thebridge. Many are also accompanied by an urban legend of a baby or youngchild/children being killed nearby, or thrown from the bridge into theriver or creek below.


Knowledge (acquired in normal ways) that may be revealed without theperson remembering its source. Such memories may falsely appear to beparanormal revelations. Sometimes cryptomnesia is used as anexplanation for apparently paranormal experiences such as xenoglossy orpast-life memories.


The branch of paranormal research which deals with the exploration oflegendary creatures such as Bigfoot, lake and sea monsters, etc.


Words spoken or written in order to influence others paranormally,causing them harm. (Also known as a hex)


Daemon (Daimon):

A guardian spirit who communicates inspiration and advice. In ancientGreek lore, an intermediary spirit between humanity and the gods.Daimons are either good or evil . A good daimon protects ad gives goodadvice. Evil daimons lead one astray with bad advice. Frederic H.Meyers, an English psychical researcher, opined that daimons are thesubconscious speaking to us in a form that is acceptable. In Jungianpsychology, the daimon would be considered the “Higher Self”, that partof the psyche that looks out for ones own self and for ones well beingand communicates with the waking consciousness through intuition. TheCatholic Church considered all such spirits to be demons and servantsof the devil. However, the concept of a protective spirit has survivedin the form of “Guardian Angels” who are believed by some to beattached to a person from the moment of birth.

Daeva: (daēuua, daāua, daēva):

The Avestan language term for a particular sort of supernatural entitywith disagreeable characteristics. In the Gathas, the oldest texts ofthe Zoroastrian canon, the daevas are ‘wrong gods’ or ‘false gods’ or‘gods that are (to be) rejected’. This meaning is – subject tointerpretation – perhaps also evident in the Old Persian ‘daivainscription’ of the 5th century BCE. In the Younger Avesta, the daevasare noxious creatures that promote chaos and disorder. In latertradition and folklore, the dēws (Zoroastrian Middle Persian; NewPersian divs) are personifications of every imaginable evil.

Death Clicks:

A strange phenomenon that has its origins in Samoa. Like the wailingbanshees of Ireland, believed to predict the imminent death of someonein the household; death clicks are the sudden onset of persistent andloud clicking that sounds throughout the house of someone who is goingto die soon.

Deathbed Visions:

A phenomenon, whereby a dying person has an awareness of the presenceof dead relatives or friends. These deceased persons who visit thedying, are said to visit at the time near death, to help the sickperson ‘cross over to the other side’. In other words, to help thedying person with the transition from life to death.Death Worm: (Mongolian Cryptoid)Allegedly, a fat, bright red snakelike animal measuring two to fourfeet in length that supposedly has the dramatic ability to kill peopleand animals instantly at a range of several feet. The Mongolian DeathWorm is believed to accomplish this by either spraying an enormouslylethal poison, or by somehow transmitting high electrical charges intoits victims. The worm is said to be found solely in the sand dunes ofthe southern part of the Gobi Desert; Allghoi Khorkhoi (local name,meaning “intestine worm,” because of its color and appearance) is sofeared among the people of Mongolia that the simple mention of it isconsidered bad luck. It is believed that touching any part of the wormwill bring instant death, and its venom supposedly corrodes metal.Local folklore also tells of a predilection for the color yellow andlocal parasitic plants such as the Goyo. First reported in 1929, theMongolian Death Worm is said to emerge during the hot months of Juneand July and to hibernate the rest of the year. (Also refered to as a“Mongolian Death Worm).

Dee, Dr. John (1527-1608):

Alchemist, astrologer, seer and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I of Englandwho, along with his somewhat unscrupulous associate Edward Kelly,supposedly devised a method of deciphering an angelic language, knownas the “Enochian Calls.”

Déjà vu:

An impression or dull familiarity of having seen or experiencedsomething before.


Christian ritual designed to rid a person of negative forces orinfluence. Otherwise know as an exorcism.


A term used to refer to any kind of anomalous experience.


False belief that is usually an apperception: reflecting the innerturmoil of the mind of the percipient.


To suddenly disappear or lose substance, e.g. an object or spirit.


An evil spirit or being which is said to have not ever lived on earthin human form. In Roman Catholic belief, a demon is a fallen Angel thatrebelled against God along with Satan, refusing to be humble before,and serve, God. Their primary sin is pride. A demon is an immortalsupernatural entity that hates human beings with a complete andmerciless passion. Their only goal for humans is to deceive and corruptthem into turning away from good so that a person dies in a bad stateand becomes their eternal slave and victim.


A person who studies and actively opposes demons and their activity.


The study of demons.


The paranormal movement of objects out of a secure enclosed space. Cf.apport. See also dematerialization, teleportation.


Scratches and even writing that inexplicably appears on someone’s skin.

Devil Worship:

(Sometimes confused with “Satanism”) Two distinct phenomena: (1) theworship of Satan or Lucifer, the Christian antideity, and (2) theworship by non-Christian peoples of deities that to Christian observershave a devil-like character. The worship of Satan has never been awidespread activity, and most reports of Satanism seem to originate inthe imagination of Christian believers.The idea of devil worship emerged in the fifteenth century when forvarious reasons the powers of the Inquisition were turned upon“witchcraft.” The task of the inquisitors was to ferret out heretics,Christians who held unorthodox opinions, and apostates, formerChristians who had renounced the faith. Outside the mandate of theInquisition were those believers in other religions who had never beenChristians. Before the year 1484, witchcraft had been defined aspaganism, the worship of the old pre-Christian deities. Pagans hadnever been Christians and were thus immune to the mandate of theInquisition.However, in 1484 Pope Innocent VIII issued an encyclical that redefinedwitchcraft as devil worship, hence apostasy. The encyclical wasfollowed two years later by publication of the Malleus Maleficarum (TheWitch’s Hammer), a volume that defined devil worship as an elaborateparody of Christian worship. Malleus Maleficarum became the sourcebookfor the massive action against people identified as witches/Satanists.Substance was added to the perspective by the numerous confessionsextracted under duress from the accused. Although Malleus Maleficarumwas published only a generation before the Reformation, Protestantsaccepted its perspective and were as active as Roman Catholics in thepersecution of people believed to be worshiping the devil andpracticing malevolent magic.As devil worship came to be understood, it included gatherings ofpeople, often in groups of 13 (a parody of Christ and the 12 apostles),and the performance of a “black mass” that might include the repetitionof the Lord’s Prayer backward, the profanation of a eucharistic host,the sacrifice of a baby, or sexual debauchery. While many were accusedof participation in devil worship, the first solid evidence of theexistence of a devil-worshiping group came in the court of French kingLouis XIV (1638-1715). With the assistance of a defrocked priest,Catherine Deshayes, better known as “La Voisin,” constructed blackmasses to help members of the court—including one of the King’smistresses—retain their positions in the royal society. La Voisin wasalso a purveyor of poisons and assisted women in aborting unwantedbabies. The situation came to light at the end of the 1670s but createdlittle impact because of the relatively quiet manner in which theinvestigation and judicial proceedings were carried out. A star chamberwas established that considered evidence and issued verdicts in secretin order to keep the scandal from destroying the government.In the years since the La Voisin affair, the worship of Satan ordiabolism has emerged periodically, only to quickly pass from thescene. In the twentieth century, it became the subject of somesuccessful novels, especially those of Dennis Wheatley, who wrote aseries of stories based on the existence of a worldwide satanicconspiratorial organization. There is no evidence that such anorganization exists (or ever existed) outside of Wheatley’simagination.A new era for devil worship began in 1966 with the organization of theChurch of Satan. The church redefined Satanism as the epitome ofAmerican values of individualism and promoted a philosophy built aroundhedonism, pragmatism, and ego development. The traditional Black Masswas celebrated, but it too had been transformed into a psychodramaaimed at teaching participants to release inhibitions that kept themfrom reaching personal fulfillment. Anton LaVey, the church’s founder,also operated openly and demanded that church members do nothing toviolate the law.The Church of Satan enjoyed a period of growth and publicity throughthe early 1970s, but soon fell victim to a series of schisms that costit many members and led to its adopting a low profile. Among theseveral divisions, the most substantial and the only one to surviveinto the 1990s is the Temple of Set. Temple founder Michael Aquinorejected the neo-Satanism of LaVey and developed a more traditionalapproach built upon identifying the Christian Satan as the Egyptiandeity Set (or Seth). Aquino has constructed the most sophisticated formof modern Satanism and has attracted to the temple a small but faithfulfollowing. Like the Church of Satan, the Temple of Set and Aquino (anofficer in the U.S. Army) renounce all actions that break the law.Public interest in the Church of Satan had largely died by the end ofthe 1970s, although a new wave of concern about Satanism emerged.Through the 1980s a number of individuals, primarily women, cameforward with stories of, as children and teenagers, having participatedin satanic rites at the insistence of their parents. The abuse theyreceived had been forgotten, but several decades later was beingremembered. At the same time, a number of accusations were made thatvarious people with control over children—day care workers, divorcedspouses, grandparents—were practicing satanic rituals on youngchildren.By the mid-1980s rumors and accusations of satanic ritual abuse emergedin every part of the United States and by the end of the decade hadbeen transplanted to Europe. They led to several trials, the mostimportant being the lengthy trial of the owners and workers of theMcMartin Day School in Manhattan Beach, California. All defendants inthe McMartin case were acquitted, and further research on the growingnumber of accusations found no basis for the widespread allegations ofSatanism. The issue was seemingly laid to rest in 1994 when tworesearchers—Phillip Shaver, a psychologist at the University ofCalifornia-Davis, and Pamela Freyd of the False Memory SyndromeFoundation—reported after their investigation of more than twelvethousand accusations that no evidence of any satanic cults had beenuncovered.Modern Satanism is largely the product of Christian theology, as Satanis primarily an inhabitant of the Christian religious worldview. Forthe most part, the documents on Satanism— descriptions of its reportedbeliefs and practices—were written by professing Christians who nevermet a Satanist or attended a satanic gathering. Their descriptions ofSatanism were an admixture of material drawing from older Christiantexts and their own imaginations.


(also dhamphir or dhampyr) (Slavic Folklore) The offspring of a vampireand a human or the male son born by a widow and her dead vampirehusband . Other terms for such a being that are used in varioussubregions include vampijerovic, vampiric (little vampire), andlampijerovic; in some regions the child is named “Vampir” if a boy and“Vampiresa” if a girl, or Dhampir if a boy and Dhampiresa if a girl.Various means of killing or driving away vampires are recognized amongpeoples of the region, but the dhampir is seen as the chief agent fordealing with vampires. Methods by which a dhampir kills a vampireinclude shooting the vampire with a bullet, transfixing it with ahawthorn stake, and performing a ceremony that involves touching“crowns” of lead to the vampire’s grave. If the dhampir cannot destroya vampire, he may command it to leave the area. A dhampir is alwayspaid well for his services. The amount of money varies, but there isnever dickering over the price. Standard pay for a dhampir may alsoinclude a meal or a suit of clothing. Sometimes a dhampir is paid incattle. As late as 1959, professional dhampirs were still in businessin Kosova.

Diabolical Signature:

(from diabolus, the Latin for devil which comes from the Greek diabolosfor devil) In demonology, this is the signature of a devil, demon orsimilar spirit, usually in order to sign your soul away. The mostfamous of these is in the story of Faust. Demons’ signatures aredesigned to disguise their actual names. They are usually signed inblood. If there is a mass of signatures, they are usually signed in acircle. Some books on demonology, like Arbatel de Magia Verum and TheLesser Key of Solomon (or Lemegeton), assert that all demons have theirown signature, collectively called seal of the demons, and sign theacts of diabolical pacts with them. These ‘seals’ (not seals in theusual sense, as they are handwritten) are lineal drawings, oftencomplicated. According to The Lesser Key of Solomon and the acts ofsome witch trials, there are demons that have more than one seal orsignature. It is notable that many of these signatures seem to includethe sign of the cross, which is usually actually believed to be opposedto demons and scares them. There are many instances of supposed demonicsignatures. These signs appeared mostly during the Renaissance, in atime in which demonology was a subject of study for many theologians,priests, alchemists, cabalists and other scientists andpseudo-scientists. One of the accusations by which the Inquisitionsentenced Urbai Grandier to death was based on several of thesesignatures.

Disembodied voice:

A voice heard or recorded that does not have a known source.


Responses on a psi test that correspond systematically to targets otherthan the intended one (e.g., those before or after).


Practices involving the interpretation of signs or symbols that seek toobtain oracular knowledge of events. Examples of divinatory practicesare geomancy, tarot, I Ching, sortilege, and reading tea leaves.

Divining Rod:

A forked rod (or sometimes a pair of L-shaped rods) used in dowsing.Usually made of copper, brass or wood. Also known as dowsing rods.


German for “Double-goer.” A person’s duplicate or identicalcounterpart, seen as a result of bi-locational or astral travel. Thisphenomenon has been overshadowed by the more modern (and viable)concept of cloning, with its speculative ramifications.

Dover Demon:

Described as a peculiar entity with glowing orange eyes, standingaround 3-4 feet high, with rough, peach colored, hairless, skin. Likethe Cree Indian accounts of the mannegishi; the dover demon is said tohave a disproportionately large head in comparison to its body. Itslegs and arms are reported as being long and thin, with slender andsupple fingers. The creature was reported by a 17 year old called BillBartlett. On the 21st of April 1977 at around 10.30pm, while drivingwith two friends through Dover, Massachusetts, his car’s headlights‘suddenly illuminated a peculiar entity picking its way along a stonewall at the side of the road’.

Down Through Technique (DT):

An experimental test for clairvoyance in which the person guesses theorder of a stacked series of target symbols (e.g., cards) from top tobottom.


The paranormal detection of underground water or mineral deposits (orlost persons and objects) using a divining rod or pendulum.Interpreting the motions of rods, sticks, pendulums, and other suchinstruments to obtain information (also called divining).


The “study of lake monsters and sea serpents.”

Dream Communication:

Experience in which the departed individual (spirit) can manifest inthe form of a dream in order to communicate with the living. Usuallyassociated with the very recent death of the individual attempting tomake contact in order to inform the dreamer of his or her death.

Ducting Effect:

Pockets in the earth’s electronic layers of the ionosphere that canallow radio and CB signals to travel impossible distances for a shorttime. Detractors of electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) believe thatdictaphones pick up these anomalous signals which are mistaken forspirit communication.

DVP (Direct Voice Phenomena):

An auditory “spirit” voice that is spoken directly to the sitters at aséance.



A term referring to a ghost or spirit that was unable to cross over tothe other side at the time of death and is therefore stuck on earth


A filmy, quasi-solid substance which supposedly issues from the bodiesof mediums (from the mouth, nostrils, eyes, ears, navel or nipples)during trance states. In photographs, this phenomenon seems to resemblesoaked muslin fabric. Whether or not it has ever been genuine,curiously, virtually no ectoplasm has been reported in the past fiftyyears.

EDA (Electrodermal Activity):

A term used to describe changes in the skin’s ability to conductelectricity. It is a useful, fast, cheap, well established (since1880′s), low-tech and relatively non-invasive psychophysiologicalmeasure, which can be used to study many issues including: cognition,affect and individual differences.

EEG (Electroencephalography):

A technique for amplifying and recording the fluctuations in electricalvoltage in a living brain using electrodes attached to key positions onthe person’s head; this technique has proved to be particularlyimportant for sleep-research (and thus also for research ondream-telepathy), where characteristic brain waves have been identifiedand related to the successive stages of sleep. [From the Greekenkephalos, “the brain,” derived from en, “within,” + kephale, “thehead,” + graphein, “to write”]


The term used to describe the generation of electricity from the mind.This electricity can then be used to do a variety of things, such ascharging watches and batteries.

Electromagnetic Flux:

Electrical energy conversion spark or repeated sound in whichelectromagnetic energy is alternatively stimulated to visually appearor audibly create sound. To create visible Flux, there must be enoughelectromagnet energy available via X- Rays or solar flares.


In magical tradition and ceremony, spirits which govern the fourcorners of the earth and are associated with, or reside within, thefour basic elements. They are called Sylphs (the east, air),Salamanders (the south, fire), Undines (the west, water), and Gnomes(the north, earth).

EMF (Electro Magnetic Field):

The fields of energy surrounding devices carrying an electricalcurrent; appliances and even humans.

EMF Meter/Detector:

An instrument used to measure electromagnetic fields/frequencies.


An individual who is particularly sensitive to the psychic emanationsof his or her surroundings, even to a degree of telepathicallyreceiving and experiencing the emotions of others in their proximity.EMR (Electro Magnetic Resonance):An electromagnetic imprint left on the environment. Similar to residualhaunting.


Commonly referred to as ghost, spirit or (an apparently malicious orresentful nature) demon.


Person or persons that a poltergeist or haunting tends to focus on.Paranormal phenomena usually increases when the epicenter is present.ESP (Extra sensory perception):Communication or perception by means other than the physical senses.


Heavenly or spiritual, not of this world.Etheric body:The spiritual duplicate of one’s physical body.

Evil Eye:

Alleged ability of some people to harm others by looking at them.


To call something out from within. Evocation is the magical art ofcalling forth of spirits to bring spiritual inspiration, do the biddingof the magician or provide information. The first use of the termevocation was for the religious/magical practice of calling theprotective deities of a city out of it so attackers could succeed intheir conquest. In more recent usage, evocation refers to the callingout of lesser spirits (beneath the deific or archangelic level)sometimes conceived of as arising from the self.EVP (Electronic voice phenomena):Disembodied voices or sounds recorded on audio equipment that were notheard or present at the time of recording.


The banishment of an entity or entities i.e. spirits, ghosts and demonsthat is thought to possess or haunt a location or human being oranimal. The ritual, which can be religious in nature, is conducted byan exorcist who will call upon a Higher Power to cast away any evilforces that may reside there. The Jewish and Catholic Christian faithseach have a formal ‘Rite of Exorcism’ to be conducted by the respectiveRabbi or Priest.


Life forms originating on planets other than our own.


False awakening:

The event in which a person believes they are awake but are actuallydreaming.


Minor demons who, at Satan’s command, become the servants of a humanwizard or witch. It is one of the distinctive features of Englishwitchcraft that these spirits were very often thought to take the formof small animals, such as would be found around farms and homes; somewitches claimed to have received them directly from the Devil, othersfrom a relative or friend.


A spectral double of a living person. (See also Doppelganger andWraith)

Frank’s Box:

A devices created to contact spirits through the use of radio frequencyas a medium for direct communication by Frank Sumption. (Also known asa Ghost Box)

Fortean Phenomena:

Strange phenomena, especially those which challenge conventionalscientific knowledge. Named after the American researcher and writerCharles Fort. Fortean phenomena include those generally consideredparanormal, but also bizarre non-paranormal events such as monsters andprodigies, extraordinary coincidences, and unusual rains.

Fox Sisters:

Three women from New York who played an important role in the creationof Spiritualism, the religious movement. The three sisters were KateFox (1837–1892), Leah Fox (1814–1890) and Margaret Fox (also calledMaggie) (1833–1893).



The name of a technique in parapsychology that is used in theinvestigation of ESP. A subject normally wears halved table tennisballs over the eyes while listening to a hissing sound throughheadphones. This sound is often referred to as ‘white noise’. Theexperiment is conducted in this way in order to help the subjectexperience the absence of patterned stimulation which is useful in thestudy of ESP.MANUAL GANZFELDThe use of the word “manual” refers to the fact that the targetselection is carried out by manual access to computer or random numbertables as well as the fact that all the important events in theexperiment are recorded by hand. Consequently, the technique haslimited safeguards against fraud or data selection compared with theautoganzfeld.AUTOGANZFELDAn implementation of the ganzfeld technique in which many of the keyprocedural details, such as selection and presentation of the targetand the recording of the evaluation of the target-response similaritygiven by the percipient are fully automated and computerized, the goalbeing to reduce as far as possible errors and sensory communication onthe part of the human participants

Ganzfeld Experiment:

Uses audio and visual sensory deprivation to test for extra-sensoryperception (ESP). There are claims that this experiment yields resultsthat deviate significantly from randomness, and represent some of thestrongest experimental evidence for psi phenomena to date. As with allpurported psi phenomena, these claims are highly controversial withinscience in general and even within parapsychology. The debate iswell-documented in parapsychology journals and in articles such asthose referred to below.The ganzfeld experiments are among the most recent in parapsychologyfor testing the existence of and affecting factors of telepathy, theability to communicate information from one person’s mind to that ofanother without resorting to normal means.


The image of a person witnessed after his/her death, reflecting theappearance of the living, physical body yet less substantial. Theseforms often seem to exist in a dream like state of semi-awareness, attimes though not always cognizant of their human observers.

Ghost Hunting:

A carefully controlled research project in which various methods andequipment are used to investigate reports of ghosts and hauntings.

Ghost Lights:

These have been sighted all over the world and in many cultures. Theyare mysterious lights, seen at a distance, usually appearing as blue oryellow spheres, which can appear to blink. Some reports liken them to abobbing candle flame. Ghost lights have been reported for centuries andwere once known as “will-’o-the-wisp,” an omen of death representingthe ghost of a sinner condemned to wander the earth forever. (See alsoIgnis Fatuus)

Ghost Sickness:

The belief that ghosts of the dead can cause illness and death. In theanimistic system of beliefs characteristic of tribal societies aroundthe world, the spirit of a deceased person is thought to remain closeto the corpse for a few days before beginning it’s journey to the landof the dead, and during this in-between time, or liminal, period it isparticularly dangerous to the living. The ghost is portrayed as lonelyin its new existence and so inclined to seek company from among theliving. Children in particular are susceptible of ghost sickness,because their souls are less strongly attached to their bodies. Amongthe Kwakiutl Indians of British Columbia, children are sometimesdisguised or referred to as adults, in order to confuse the ghosts intothinking that they are older than they are.Fear of ghost sickness accounts for the widespread fear of the dead asexpressed in such practices such as carrying the corpse out of thehouse through a hole in the wall rather than a door or window which isintended to make it difficult for the ghost to find it’s way back intothe home. Although ghosts are most feared by immediately after death,in many societies any sighting of an apparition or sounds suggestive ofa poltergeist are harbingers of disease or death.


A grotesque, flesh-eating demon that robs graves to satisfy its evilhunger for the recently buried. It has its origins in Arabic folkloreand is best known today as the living dead, a reanimated corpseinhabited by evil spirits. Ghouls are rumored to live near graveyardsand are nocturnal; some believe they are vampires that have degeneratedinto inarticulate and ravenous automatons, robbed of freewill,intelligent thought, or the ability to feel pain. They are commonlydescribed as having long arms, sunken gray faces, bulging eyes, andsharp teeth and nails.


The ability or phenomenon to utter words or sounds of a languageunknown to the speaker, especially as an expression of religiousecstasy. Also called speaking in tongues.


A Gray (or Grey) is an alien type species that first became famous inthe 1980s. Typically shorter than humans, hairless, with long thinarms, large head and large black eyes.



The perception of sights and sounds that are not actually present.


A ghost of the future that brings warning of impending events.


Paranormal phenomena that frequently occurs in an area, building orobject over a long period of time.Hellhound / Black Shuck:A spectral death omen in the form of a ghostly black dog.


A magical working, or “spell,” cast to influence a person’s will orfate, most often referring to a curse rather than a blessing orhealing.

Holzer, Hans (1920-2009):

An American pioneering paranormal researcher and author. He wrote wellover 100 books on supernatural and occult subjects for the popularmarket as well as several plays, musicals, films, and documentaries,and hosted a television show, “Ghost Hunter”. Holzer’s most famousinvestigation was into the so-called The Amityville Horror case.

Hot Reading:

A devious or fraudulent reading in which the reader has been givenprior knowledge of the sitter.

Hot spot:

An area or place where frequent paranormal activity occurs, such as theappearance of UFOs or ghosts.

Hypnagogic Hallucinations:

Happens when a person is asleep but sees, hears or feels things andexperiences them as real even though he or she is asleep. In somecases, people feel that someone is in the room with them; someexperience the feeling that someone or something is sitting on theirchest and they feel impending death and suffocation. That has beencalled the “Hag Phenomena” and has been happening to people over thecenturies. These things cause people much anxiety and terror, but thereis no physical harm.

Hypnopompic Hallucinations:

Happens when a person is waking up from sleep but sees, hears or feelsthings and experiences them as real even though he or she is asleep.


A state of profound mental focus, actually self-induced although anexternal agent – a “hypnotist” – often acts as the catalyst, ordirector, for the subject entering this state.


Ignis Fatuus:

A phosphorescent or spectral light that that is alleged to be anindication of death. This phenomenon is thought to be caused byspontaneous combustion of gases emitted by rotting organic matter. (Seealso Ghost Lights)


A delusional perception between what is perceived and what is reality.


A demon (taking a male form) who seeks sexual intercourse with a humanwoman. There have been occasions where they’ve attacked men as well.

Indigo Children:

Certain children born after the late 1970s that are believed to be ahigher stage of evolution. They are typified by increased empathy,creativity and psychic abilities. However, they will not comply withauthority figures and are always unconventional. Detractors are rightwhen observing this New Age philosophy offers a more spiritual anglewhen it comes to the very real Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD),Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Autism andObsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Infernal Court:

Believed by many demonologists to be the current ruling demons of Hell.Johan Weyer (1515-88) and other demonologists knowledgeable in the loreof the infernal regions claimed to have discovered there princes andhigh dignitaries, ministers, ambassadors, and officers of state, whosenames and occupations are listed as precisely as in any earthly census.Satan is no longer the sovereign of Hades but is leader of theopposition, the true leader being Beelzebub. According to Weyer, thedemons number 7,405,926, commanded by 72 princes. The anonymous authorof Le Cabinet du Roy de France (1581) amends these figures to 7,409,127demons and 79 princes. Although demons are specifically named in manyinspired catalogs and invoked by sorcerers from their grimoires, thereis no real agreement on names and numbers, and in all these fantasticworks it is not difficult to see that they represent a distortedreflection of social organization of the world of their time.


Repeated and persistent paranormal phenomena, generally centered arounda particular location or person(s).


An invisible entity of undetermined nature, affecting the inhabitantsof a dwelling. This may initially manifest as an inexplicable feelingof uneasiness, then be followed by more definite signs which reveal ahaunting.


The sound that is lower in frequency than 20 Hz (Hertz) or cycles persecond, the “normal” limit of human hearing. While human hearing maynot necessarily pick up the sound through hearing, many times the bodycan detect and feel the effects of lower level sound, throughvibrations, sensations of fear or other emotions, and even visualhallucinations which can be an explanation for paranormal typeexperiences.

Intelligent (Haunt):

A spirit or entity who has knowledge of its surroundings. This type ofhaunt is aware of the environment and those in it, it also has theability to interact with the living and communicate with the living aswell. They are sometimes known as clever or mischievous spirits havingthe ability to move objects and control environmental things as tocause notice of their existence.

Instrumental Trans Communication (ITC):

The use of tape recorder, TVs, radios, computers, telephones, and othertechnical devices with the intent to get meaningful information frombeyond in such forms as voices, images, and text.


Non-paranormal knowledge that is gained through a perceptive insight.


Words, chants or other actions intended to summon benevolent spiritualbeings.


A electrically charged atom or molecule.



A type of Ignis Fatuus. In British lore, the Jack-O-Lantern is aspectral light that drifts about at night, scaring travelers andbeckoning them to follow it until they become lost.According to lore, the Jack-O-Lantern is a soul who has been deniedentry in to both heaven and hell. It is doomed to wander about theEarth clothed in a luminous garment or carrying a lighted wish ofstraw. It’s interesting to note that in Scottish lore, theJack-O-Lantern can be prevented form causing you to lose your way bydriving an iron knife into the ground. In other versions, simplycarrying a piece of iron will prevent being misled. This is perhaps anindication that the phenomena may be electrical in nature.

Jersey Devil:

A mythical creature of the New Jersey Pinelands, that has supposedlyhaunted New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the past 260 years.Over 2,000 witnesses have claimed to see this entity over this period.It has terrorized towns and caused factories and schools to close down,yet many people believe that the Jersey Devil is a legend, a mythicalbeast, that originated from the folklore of the New Jersey PineBarrens. Others disagree with this point of view. “It was about threefeet and half high, with a head like a collie dog and a face like ahorse. It had a long neck, wings about two feet long, and its back legswere like those of a crane, and it had horse’s hooves. It walked on itsback legs and held up two short front legs with paws on them.”

Jurgenson, Friedrich (1903-1987):

Known as the pioneer of EVP research. He recorder his first spiritvoices by accident while he recorded the sounds of birds. He proceededwith his research and worked with Konstantin Raudive to experiment withnew methods. His simple methods of recording were using a tape recorderand microphone. He published a book called “Voices from Space” and leftbehind hundreds of tapes with voice recordings.



The effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successivephases of the person’s existence, regarded as determining theirdestiny.

Kinetic Energy:

Physical manipulation of objects & movement (such as movingobjects etc.) by an “unseen force”.

Kirlian Photography:

A type of high-voltage, high-frequency photography, developed in theSoviet Union by Semyon Davidovich Kirlian, which records onphotographic film the so-called “corona discharge” of an object causedby ionization of the field surrounding that object; it is claimed bysome that this process indicates the existence of hitherto unknownradiations or energy fields such as “bioplasma” or the “psychic aura.”Two Russian scientists, Semyon and Valentina Kirlian founded thisprocess.


Lamia, The:

(ancient Greek Folklore) A vampire who stole little children to drinktheir blood. She was portrayed as a snake-like creature with a femalehead and breasts. Usually female, but sometimes referred to as a maleor a hermaphrodite. Lamia was a Queen of Libya who became achild-murdering daemon. In later writings she is pluralized into manylamiae (Greek lamiai). Similar in type to other female monsters fromGreco-Roman myth, such as the empuses and the mormolyces, she isdistinguished from them by her description as half-woman andhalf-serpent.

Legend Tripping:

Also known as “ostension,” (Latin: “To Show“). An adolescent practice(containing elements of a rite of passage) in which a usually furtivenocturnal pilgrimage is made to a site which is alleged to have beenthe scene of some tragic, horrific, and possibly supernatural event orhaunting. The practice has been documented most thoroughly to date inthe United States, though there can be little doubt that it occurs inmany other countries and cultures.


To lift or raise a physical object in apparent defiance of gravity.

Ley lines:

‘Re-discovered’ by a man called Alfred Watkins (1855-1935), on the 30thJune 1921. Ley lines are thought to be invisible lines of the earth’senergy which “align” sacred sites such as churches and burial grounds.The area on which a ley line crosses is said to be a powerful point andis said to cause paranormal activity, psychic phenomena and UFOsightings.

Life Review:

A flashback of a person’s life that is typically associated withnear-death experiences.

Loch Ness Monster:

Sometimes called “Nessie” or “Ness” (Scottish Gaelic: Niseag) is amysterious and unidentified animal or group of creatures said to livein Loch Ness, a large deep freshwater loch near the city of Invernessin northern Scotland. Nessie is usually categorized as a type of lakemonster.


Collective beliefs and legendary relating to a subject.

Lucid Dreaming:

A dream state in which one is conscious enough to recognize that one isin the dream state and is then able to control dream events.


In Christian theology identified as the Devil; Lucifer is also known asSatan.

Luminous Phenomena:

The experience of strange lights or glows, often around objects orpeople.


The transformation of a person into the form of a wolf.



Psychokinetic effects that can be directly observed rather than onlyinferred from statistical analysis.

Magnetometer (EMF, gaussmeter):

An instrument for measuring the magnitude and direction of a magneticfield typically used by paranormal researchers to detect a ghost’smagnetic energy.


The tangible signs of a haunting, including tactile, auditory,olfactory, and visual. These can be measured in an investigation andcan be used to support the evidence that a place is indeed haunted.(See also Apparition)

Marian Apparitions:

The event in which the Virgin Mary is seen.


The process of a spirit or ghost becoming visible to the human eye insome form.


The natural tendency for the human mind to interpret sensory input,what is perceived visually, audibly or tactile, as something familiaror more easily understood and accepted. (see Pareidolia)


The process of relaxing, emptying your mind of all thought or reachinga different state of consciousness. Meditation can aid in spiritualdevelopment and/or inner peace. There are many types of meditation.


An individual held to be a channel of communication between the earthlyworld and the world of spirits.


A hypnotic induction of a sleep or trance State (See Hypnotism).


The study of phenomena not accounted for by known physical laws.


A doctrine among some followers of Eastern teachings which expressesthe theory of transmigration, that the human spirit may incarnate fromone body to another, either human, animal, or inanimate, which is verydifferent from the doctrine of reincarnation, which holds that man isan evolving being progressing through repeated human embodiments.


A Photographed anomaly that appears as a blanket of light. There is nosubstantial proof that these are related to paranormal phenomenon.

Moon Phases:

Displays the moon’s current phase and estimates the time of the nextfull moon, using a calculation of the moon’s rotation and the date.Often believed to be related to paranormal activity.

Morphic Resonance:

A term coined by Rupert Sheldrake to refer to the way in which the“morpho genetic field” underlying form of an object or organism mayinfluence distant fields.

Motor Automatism:

Bodily movement or functions that are accompanied but not controlled byconsciousness (See automatic writing).

Moving Coffins:

Mysterious disturbances of coffins inside sealed crypts have beenreported in cases around the world. For reasons unknown, heavy leadcoffins in a vault are sometimes found in disarray as though tossedabout by some tremendous force. They are restored to their properplaces only to be found tossed around again the next time the vault isopened.


Nazca Lines:

In the Nazca Valley of southern Peru are etched enormous tracings offigures of a club wielding man, a splendid spider, a horse, a duck andother figures. Estimated to have been painstakingly etched into therocky soul more than a millennia ago, these enigmatic representationscan be beheld in their entirety only from an aerial viewpoint (byancient, sub-equatorial balloonists. perhaps?).Near Death Experience (NDE):An experience that is reported by people who clinically die, or comeclose to actual death and are revived. These events often includeencounters with spirit guides, seeing dead relatives or friends, lifereview, out-of-body Experiences (OBE), or a moment of decision wherethey are able to decide or are told to turn back.


Interacting with the dead, particularly for the purpose ofcommunicating or resurrection.


A grimoire (that is, collection) of ancient sigils and incantations ofnebulous origins, discovered in the 8th century by the “Mad Arab,”Abdul Alhazred, said to be capable of opening a chasm to the “DreadDimension” and unleashing the wrathful power of the timeless “ElderGods.” Although some occultists believe this tome to be at leastderived from genuine (and nefarious) sources, we are fairly confidentthat it sprang from the fiction of Providence, Rhode Island-born horrorauthor, Howard Phillips (H.P.) Lovecraft (b. 1890, d. 1937).


The transitional, or joining point connecting physical matter (which,in a sense, is energy condensed) and pure energy, and containingproperties of both definite, i.e. the physical brain producing a mindthrough its network of dendrites and firing axioms’, or the body’sconnection to the spirit. The concept of the Nexus is the basis formuch conjecture and postulating.


The analysis of hidden or prophetic meanings of numbers.


Occam’s Razor:

The principle of preferring the simplest explanation of event. Theprincipal of Occam’s razor is attributed to William of Occam, althoughthere were philosophers before him that had previously employed itsuse. The principal states: “a person should not increase, beyond whatis necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything, orthat the person should not make more assumptions than the minimumneeded“. This principle is often called the principle of parsimony. Theprincipal has played a major role in getting rid of fictitious orunnecessary elements from explanations since as far back as the MiddleAges. Bertrand Russell and other logicians got rid of traditionalmetaphysical concepts by employing the use of Occam’s Razor. There ishowever some skepticism as to the extent to which the principal can beapplied; especially regarding whether or not a person can determinewithout any doubt that the assumptions or given entities are not neededin an explanation.


From the Latin, meaning something that is concealed or covered. Sincethe 16th century, it has meant anything that is mysterious. Today inAmerica, it generally refers to magical, mystical and experimentalstudies.


An esoteric system of practice and belief which assumes that there isthe existence of supernatural, paranormal and mysterious forces andentities. There is sometimes a link with these practices and the devil.

Old Hag Syndrome:

A nocturnal phenomena that involves a feeling of immobilization,suffocation, odd smells and feelings and is sometimes accompanied myimmense fear.


Signs encountered fortuitously that are believed to foretell thefuture.


An oracle is a person or agency considered to be a source of wisecounsel or prophetic opinion; an infallible authority, usuallyspiritual in nature. It can also be a prediction of the future, fromthe gods, that is spoken through another object or life-form.


a. A sphere of energy which is thought by some to be created byspirits. b. Another theory is that orbs are phenomenon created bynatural & man made electrical energy and are not related tospirits of the dead. Most orbs tend to be picked up on film or digitalmedia however they in some instances also seen by the human eye. Sincethere are many reasonable circumstances (dust, snow, rain, insects,reflection, lens flare, etc.) orbs still remain a highly controversialsubject.

Ouija board:

The name “Ouija” is made up of the words OUI which is “Yes” in French,and JA which is “Yes” in German. A divining implement consisting of asmall, round or more often rectangular platform with letters, numbersand various symbols printed upon it, and a “planchette” which, when thefingers of two participants are lightly placed along its edges, isintended to glide across the smooth surface of the inscribed platformand indicate messages. Conceived of as a parlor game in the wake ofpopular spiritualism, this is potentially a very dangerous tool forinviting in unpredictable, invasive forces.

Out of Body (OBE):

Relating to or involving a feeling of separation from one’s body and ofbeing able to view oneself and others from an external perspective.Outward Manifestation:The physical manifestation of paranormal activity.



A person who is not a Jew, Muslim or Christian. It is someone whodoesn’t conform to mainstream religions but prefers to follow a morepolytheistic religion. Often the word is used in a derogative manner todescribe someone who has no religion, a non-Christian, a hedonist,heathen or a Neo-Pagan. The term is also used derogatively to describeidolaters and persons who worship false gods.However, the term has assumed a new meaning among the practitioners ofwitchcraft and magic. This is especially true of the New Pagans whodedicate themselves to the revival of the Old Religion (an expressionused by contemporary Wiccan devotees to describe witchcraft); and tore-establish the worship of nature and the lunar goddess.

Palatine Light:

A phantom ship seen off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island inNorth Atlantic waters. Various stories detail the origins of thephenomenon but, agree that it was a ship that was burned on the waterwith passengers aboard by either a mad Captain or pirates. The phantomwas occasionally reported by residents of Block Island in the late 18thearly 19th centuries and came to be interpreted as a harbinger ofstormy weather. During the 19th century, it was believed by many BlockIslanders that the Palatine Light had been sent by G-d to punish thewicked men who murdered the ships passengers and crew and that when thelast pirate had dies, the lights would be seen no more. Reports of thelights continue in to the present day. These lights may be related toIgnis Fatuus phenomena.

Parallel Universes:

Are thought to be universes that exist alongside that of our own. Theycould be very similar in nature to our universe or they could in factbe very different.


Events that are beyond the range of normal experience or scientificexplanation.


A discipline that seeks to investigate the existence and causes ofpsychic abilities and life after death using the scientific method.


Seeing defined objects in non defined subjects. (see also Simulacra)


A small weight at the end of a cord or chain that is usually about sixto ten inches long. The movement of the weight, when uninfluenced byother factors, can be used to detect areas of paranormal energy.


A five-pointed star, ancient symbol of good luck and protection.Displayed with one point up, it is the most common emblem ofWitchcraft. When displayed inverted (two points up), it MAY representnegative magic (or Satanism), but not necessarily; some traditions ofWicca (chiefly British) use it as a POSITIVE symbol of advanced rank.


A ghost making machine used for popular entertainment from the late18th century through the 19th century. The device, developed by aBelgian optician, named “E. G. Robertson” in the 1790′s, projectedconvincing figures before an audience. At the time, many felt that themachine produced extremely realistic and believable depictions ofghosts and demons. So much so that at one point, shortly following theFrench Revolution, people were so convinced of the reality of his showsthat police temporarily halted the proceedings, believing thatRobertson had the power to bring Louis XVI back to life.


a: something (as a specter) apparent to sense but with no substantialexistence; b : something elusive or visionary; c : an object ofcontinual dread or abhorrence : 2 : something existing in appearanceonly.

Phantom Animals:

Many corporeal ghosts take the form of animals rather than humans. Itmay be the benign spirit of a loved pet or faithful companion whichappears to its master and is often seen performing a habitual act, suchas lying in front of the fire or waiting by the front door. However,there are many sightings of strange and malevolent beasts such asghostly black dogs, phantom birds, or horses.Phantomania:Paralysis that occurs when someone is under attack from supernatural orpreternatural forces, also known as psychic paralysis.


An approach to research that aims to describe and clarify a person’sown experience and understanding of an event or phenomenon.

Phillip Experiment, The:

Conducted in the early 1970’s by The Toronto Society of PsychicalResearch. The purpose of the experiment was to see if a fictitioushistorical character could manifest itself through the group’s effortsof concentration. They named the ghost Phillip and gave the ghost apersonality and a complete background, even drawing a portrait to makehim seem more real. The 8 members in the group also memorized thefictional biography and studied the period in which Phillip wassupposed to have lived. The séances proved nothing for many monthsuntil 1973 when Phillip began to communicate. He first came through asa solid rap on the table. In the months that followed, the groupdiscovered that when they asked questions and using 1 knock as “yes”and 2 as “no”, they could actually have an intelligent conversationwith their ghost. The experiment came to a strange end when one memberof the group broke ranks and stated aloud in a reply to Phillip that“we only made you up, you know.” All communications stopped. Oncedenied that Phillip was real, he ceased to exist.


The points of light that many claim to see behind the eyelids when theyshut thier eyes really tightly.

Physical Mediumship:

The production of paranormal physical phenomena lights, sounds,materialization, elongation, levitation, etc. by a medium. Physicalmedium ship often but not always involves a state of trance.


A German word that literally translates as “noisy and troublesomeghost”. A mischievous and bothersome spirit. This is an extremely rareoccurrence wherein random objects are moved and sounds produced by anunseen force, the sole purpose of which seems to be to draw attentionto itself. The phenomenon always involves a specific individual,frequently a child or adolescent.


A theoretical doorway of energy, through which spirits may be able toenter or exit a location.

Possessed Objects:

Inanimate objects that move, change appearance, or make noise.Sometimes an episode occurs while a person is watching, or they returnto find that a disturbance has taken place while they were away. Theyinclude vehicles such as ghost ships or phantom trains heard bumpingalong tracks that were removed many years earlier. This phenomenon isoften associated with the influence of a ghost that is emotionallyattached to a place or object and may be showing anger or disapprovalof how the present-day occupants or owners have changed it. Ghostvehicles are often linked to a fatal accident.


Invasion of the human mind by a spiritual or demonic entity, where theinvading agent for a span of time, influences or entirely subverts thepersonality of the human host. It is in these instances that theboundaries of psychology, religion and spiritualism are rendered lessdistinct.

Posthumous Letters:

Letters allegedly from the deceased.


Knowledge of an event before it happens.


A forewarning of a future event.


The feeling that an unseen person, spirit or being is nearby.


A person who has the ability to see, hear and feel by use of sensesother than the natural senses.

Psychic Impression:

A form of idea or message that a percipient may encounter about anarea, a person, or an event. Usually associated with precognition,retro cognition, or psychometry. Recording: See Ghost.

Psychic Vampire:

An individual who drains the energy from another willing individual toreplenish their own depleted energy.

Psychokinesis (PK):

The power of the mind to affect matter without physical contact,especially in inanimate and remote objects by the exercise of psychicpowers.


The ability to sense information in an object, or in the surroundingenvironment.


(Wampanoag Folklore) Troll-like creatures that haunt the forests of NewEngland. Standing between 66 cm and one meter tall, his features mirrorthose of the Native American in the area, but the nose, fingers andears are enlarged and the skin is described as being gray and orwashed-out, smooth and at times has been known to glow. Pukwudgies canappear and disappear at will and are said to be able to transform intoother animals. They have possession of magical, poison arrows that cankill and can create fire at will. They are known to lure people tocliffs and push them off to their death. They use ball of lights toentice new victims in the woods so they may kidnap or kill them.Pyrogenesis:The alleged ability to control, ignite and extinguish fire using themind alone.


The ability to unconsciously control and sometimes in rare casesproduce fire with their mind only.


Radio Voice Phenomenon (RVP):

Receiving the voice of a deceased human being through a regular radio.

Raudive, Konstantin (1906-1974):

Swedish editor who took EVP research to a new level. He worked closelywith Friedrich Jurgenson, EVP pioneer, to research and experiment newways to record spirit voices. His method of recording was to use aradio transmitter plugged directly into the tape recorder. He was saidto have recorder 100,000 EVP and wrote a book called “Breakthrough”.

Raudive Voices:

Intelligible voices recorded on magnetic tape under conditions ofsilence or white noises, which are, heard only when the tape is played.A phenomenon discovered by Konstantin Raudive.

Reciprocal Apparition:

An extremely rare type of spirit phenomenon in which both the agent andpercipient are able to see and respond to each other.


The belief that a person’s soul will, following bodily death, inhabit anew body in a long cycle of rebirths, purportedly for the soul’sevolution through gaining experience.

Remote Viewing:

Used by some psychics, this is a procedure in which the percipient orpsychic attempts to become physically aware of the experience of anagent who is at a distant, unknown location through ESP.

Residual (Haunting):

Psychic imprint of a scene which is repeatedly played out, where thewitness of such phenomenon essentially is peering into the past. Theghostly participants of these time-displacements often seem unaware oftheir living observers.

Retro cognition:

An experience in which a person finds themselves in the past and isable to see and experience events in which they had no prior knowledge.


An entity that comes back only a few times after death.

RPK (Retroactive Psycho Kinesis):

Paranormal influence that an agent can have on an experiment after ithas been completed.

RSPK (Recurrent SpontaneousPsychokinesis):

Term coined by William Roll. Refers to the unconscious use of PK andAPK talents (usually by adolescents) as a release for frustration andmeans of obtaining attention. A technical term for poltergeistactivity.


An ancient Germanic alphabet, used for writing, divination and magick.They were used throughout northern Europe, Scandinavia, the BritishIsles, and Iceland from about 100 B.C.E. to 1600 C.E. Runicinscriptions of great age have even been found in North America,supporting stories that the Vikings arrived in the Americas long beforeColumbus.



Hebraic term for “Adversary,” the “Tester” in the Biblical Book of Job,the most familiar name of the Devil, the “Fallen Angel” and the “EvilOne.”


A group effort to contact the spirit world. In standardized format, thelighting of the chamber in which the séance is conducted is subdued,and the participants sit around the table, either holding hands or withhands palm down, flat against the table’s surface and with fingertipstouching those of the adjacent partners. A candle generally is set onthe center of the table. The appointed director or “medium” addressesthe spirit(s) with whom contact is sought, and then it’s “We await asign…” CAPT Note: We do not endorse the use of séances.


A person who has psychic abilities.

Shadow people:

Spirits or ghosts which are usually black in appearance and have nodiscernible features.


A spiritual technology developed at a Laurentian University’sBehavioral Neurosciences Program, under the direction of Dr. Michael A.Persinger. It works with neural stimulation using magnetic signals tocreate altered states. These carry signals derived from the humanbrain. These allow it to ‘target’ specific brain structures known to beinvolved with spirituality and to induce altered states ofconsciousness. Shakti signals are magnetic fields that rise and fall inpatterns the brain responds to. It’s used to experience relaxation,altered state of consciousness, mood enhancement and opens you up to“spiritual” experiences. These fields are no stronger than the onesfrom a phone receiver or hair dryer.


A member of certain tribal societies who acts as a medium between thevisible world and an invisible spirit world and who practices magic orsorcery for purposes of healing, divination, and control over naturalevents.


Paranormal ability to assume the form of another person, an animal orother entity. Shapeshifter: A being that undergoes a transformation.Commonly the transformation is purposeful, and not a curse or spell. Insome folklore once the shapeshifter transformed, it began to get harderand harder to change back to ones original blub form. Vampires andwerewolves are somewhat similar. Vampires, in older pieces of mythologyand folklore, were thought to be able to transform into a wolf or abat, thus giving the vampire bat its name. Most shapeshifters changeinto an animal, they were believed to only be able to change into ananimal, or person that they had seen. Not to be confused with a“Changeling“.


This is a word used to describe the seeing of faces, figures and imagesin ordinary, everyday object such as rocks, foliage, etc (see alsoPareidolia).

Sixth sense:

A power of perception independent of the five senses (touch, smell,sight, feeling, taste).


A person who is yet undecided as to what is true. One who looks forrational explanations as to why something occurs.


(Native American Folklore) A person with the supernatural ability toturn into any animal he or she desires, though they first must bewearing a pelt of the animal, to be able to transform. Similar lore canbe found in cultures throughout the world and is often referred to asshapeshifting by anthropologists.


From the Greek skotos (“darkness”) and graphein (“to write”), wascoined by Felicia Scatcherd, a member of the London chapter of theSociety for Psychical Research. It describes instances where spiritsappear or write messages on unexposed film.

Sleep Paralysis:

A period of inability to perform voluntary movements either at sleeponset (called hypnagogic/predormital form) or upon awakening (calledhypnopompic/ postdormtal form). People often report the feeling ofsomething unseen holding them down or sitting on their chest. This isknown as the Old Hag Syndrome. Sleep paralysis is often associated withNarcolepsy, a neurological sleep disorder but has been known to happenif narcolepsy signs aren’t present. The #1 cause of sleep paralysis issaid to be stress.


A person who performs physical activity while asleep (known assleep-walking), a person in a deep hypnotic state.


The spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational andspiritual beings, or the universe.


An unusual appearing ghostly figure or image.


The soul, essence or energy of a living or deceased person, animal orbeing.

Spirit guide:

A spiritual being who is assigned to a particular person to assist themin their spiritual or life journey. It is said that each person canhave more than one spirit guide. These guides can be highly evolvedspirits of people who have lived before.

Spirit photography:

The art or process of taking photos using traditional film, or digitalmedia to capture images of spirits.


A movement that began in 1848 with the “raps” of the Fox Sisters (Kateand Margaret) in Hydesville, NY. Normally associated with mediums orchannelers, who contact the spirits of the deceased . A religion basedupon the belief in life after death and the experiences of variousmediums over the last hundred years; organized primarily to providelegal protection for the mediums and their followers.


Unexplained bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain corresponding inlocation to the crucifixion wounds of Christ.


An arrangement of mysterious stones standing at Salisbury plain.Stonehenge consists of two circles, the outer one being sarsen stone(sandstone) pillars, formerly supporting lintels (only six remain), theinner one of blue stones. Inside the latter circle are two series ofstanding stones each in the shape of a horseshoe. Again the outerseries is of sarsen stones, the inner of blue stones. None of thehorseshoes is complete, some of the stones have fallen and others aremissing altogether. The precise function of this awesome monument stillremains an enigma. Some theories include the following:- a solar temple- a lunar observatory- a source of healing energy- an extraterrestrial monumentLike many megaliths the stones have been attributed healing propertiesdue to a high magnetic field. Indeed modern hospital therapy has foundthat electromagnetism accelerates the healing process of some bonefractures. This tends to lend some weight to the theory that Stonehengecould have been used as a source of healing energy.

Subjective Apparitions:

Hallucinations of apparitions or other phenomena that are created byour own minds.

Subjective Paranormal Experience:

Waldo Vieira (1932 -) is a Brazilian medical practitioner who firstproposed the theories of projectiology and conscientiology, twoclosely-related paranormal beliefs which concern the nature of humanconsciousness. According to Vieira, the consciousness has an existenceindependent of the body, and the consciousness can be separated fromthe body in an “out-of-body experience”.


A demon (taking a female form) who seeks sexual intercourse with ahuman man. There have been occasions where they’ve attacked women aswell.


Beyond or exceeding the laws of nature.


The product of numerous, seemingly unrelated variables joining tocreate a common event or remarkable “coincidence.”



These are the movements which tend to come from the table which is usedduring a séance. It normally occurs when there are a group of peoplewith their hands on the surface of the table used in the séance. Somebelieve that these movements constitute spirit communications andothers believe that it is simply the participants moving the tablethemselves. The phenomenon is also known as table-tipping ortable-turning.


A special deck of cards used for divination; a system of divinationclaimed to have originated in Egypt in ancient times. These cards arethe ancestors of modern playing cards. Traditionally numbering 78cards, of which 21 make up the Major Arcana & the rest aredivided into 4 suits (cups, wands, pentacles, & swords) ofMinor Arcana. The Major Arcana or GREATER SECRETS were lost through theefforts of the Christian clergy.


The paranormal movement of objects by scientifically inexplicablemeans.


Communication of a person’s mind with another by means other than thenormal senses.


Movement of people or objects from one place to another by supernaturalmeans.

Temporal Lobe Activity:

Electrical activity in the temporal lobes of the brain. Oftenassociated with strange sensations, time distortions andhallucinations. Sometimes used as an explanation for seeminglyparanormal experiences such as apparitions and alien abductionexperiences.

Thought Form:

An apparition produced solely by the power of the human mind.


Paranormal ability to produce images on photographic film (e.g., byconcentrating on a mental image). Most famously demonstrated by TedSerios.

TMS (Transcranial MagneticStimulation):

A technique that causes experimental subjects who were exposed to aspecific series of pulses from the device to describe feeling aninvisible presence near them or feeling connected to the whole world.This experiment and it’s associated equipment has led some to believeit could be a possible explanation for a number of paranormalexperiences such as alien abductions, hauntings, ghosts, etc. In short,Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can cause a state similar to when theright hemisphere of the brain, the side associated with emotion, isstimulated in a particular part of the cerebral region, and then theleft hemisphere, the language side, is called upon to make sense ofthese stimulations, the mind generates a “sense of presence.”


A hypnotic, cataleptic, or ecstatic state in which one becomes detachedfrom their physical surroundings.

Trance Medium:

A psychic who allows a spirit to enter their body so that the spiritscan communicate through them.

(Light) Trance Medium:

A person whom spirits can communicate through without going into a deeptrance state.



A mythical creature which sustains itself by drinking the blood ofliving animals. Most vampire myths center around the reanimation ofhuman corpses, with the corpse preying on other humans for the blood itneeds. In many myths, vampires are also described as immortal, andfeats of great strength are often required to kill vampires; beheading,burning, exposure to sunlight, staking through the heart, anddismemberment are all presented as possible ways to kill a vampire invarious myths. Typically vampires are described as nocturnal, using thecover of night to conceal their activities and avoiding the sunlight,which is often described as harmful to vampires. The most famousvampire in history is Dracula, which was written by Bram Stokers in1897.

Veridical Dream:

A type of dream that corresponds to actual events that can be eitherpast, present, or future, but of which the dreamer is not aware.


African magic traditions with a veneer of imposed Catholicism from thenew world, taking root in the Caribbean, particularly the dark populousof Haiti.


An anomaly that appears as a funnel or rope-like image in photographs.These images are sometimes thought to represent ghosts, collections oforbs or gateways which travel to a wormhole in time-space. There hasbeen no substantial scientific evidence to support any of thesetheories.



A male version of a witch, wizard, magician or conjurer.


A location where the known laws of physics do not always apply andspace/time may be distorted.

Warren, Ed And Lorraine:

Paranormal investigators, demonologists and authors associated withprominent cases of hauntings. The Warrens founded the New EnglandSociety for Psychic Research in 1952 and later opened the OccultMuseum. The Warrens were among the very first investigators in thecontroversial Amityville haunting. The Warrens were responsible fortraining several current paranormal investigating demonologistsincluding Dave Considine, Lou Gentile, and their nephew John Zaffis.

Weeping Statues:

Statues that have the ability to display certain aspects of humanbehavior, such as weeping or bleeding. There have also been reports ofpaintings that can exhibit this unusual phenomenon. Although thisphenomenon is not exclusive to the Catholic Church, most of its reportsin the past have tended to originate from Catholic countries in Europe.

Whistling Ghosts:

A phenomenon that is native to a tiny coral isle in the SouthernGilbert Group. The whistling ghosts are also known as thetaani-kanimomoi or whistlers. They are believed to be the ghosts ofnewly deceased relatives, who live in the air and fly up and down theislands learning everything that is going on. They are said to pass ontheir knowledge to anyone capable of understanding their whistlingspeech.

White Noise:

A type of noise that is produced by combining sounds of all differentfrequencies together.The adjective “white” is used to describe thistype of noise because of the way white light works. White light islight that is made up of all of the different colors (frequencies) oflight combined together (a prism or a rainbow separates white lightback into its component colors). Because white noise contains allfrequencies, it is frequently used to mask other sounds. White noise istypically used with the theory that spirits may be able to communicatethrough the frequency while doing EVP.


A term that comes from the Old English ‘wis’, meaning “wise”, adept, asage, or a magician skilled in the summoning of supernatural powers.Possibly one of the best known wizards in the occult tradition isMerlin who appeared in the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of theRound Table.


The exact likeness of a living person seen usually just before death asan apparition.



The ability to speak or write in a language that has not been learnedand appears to be fabricated and non meaningful. This type of speechcan be associated with a trance state or certain schizophrenicsyndromes.



A creature often described as a shaggy, red haired ape-man standing1.5m-1.8m tall or 5 to 6 feet high, with extremely big feet. The Yerenis a mystery man beast frequently reported from Asia and theShennongjia Mountains in central China. Cryptozoologists believe thatit could be a certain species of orang-utans called Gigantopithecus.


A legendary creature of Tibet’s Himalayan Mountains region, ananthropoid with both human and ape characteristics, the “AbominableSnow Man.” As with its western counterpart, the Sasquatch or Bigfoot,credible witnesses have reported sightings and numerous tracks havebeen found, but photographs and purported bodily remnants of thecreature remain inconclusive.


A long-haired, gorilla-like creature that walks on its hind legs. It isdescribed as very muscular, with a black shiny face, two big yelloweyes, a short thick neck, a hole for a mouth with human-like fingers.The yowie is to Australia and Australians what the yeren is to theChinese. Some cryptozoologists believe that it could be some form ofmarsupial like an ape-man or ape, or that it is a modern-day descendantof Homo Erectus.



A malevolent spirit which attacks people while they’re asleep,inspiring nightmares, and sometimes even inflicting minor injuries suchas scratches, bruises and what appear to be finger marks. The name ispossibly of Slavic origin.

Zener Cards:

A set of 25 cards for use in card-guessing tests of ESP. Each setcontains 5 of each of the following cards: Circle, Square, Greek Cross,Three Wavy Lines, Five-pointed Star.:


Prevelent in Haitian lore, a cadaver disintered shortly after burial(ere it spoils) and reanimated through the use of Voodoo, its solepurpose thereafter being servitude as a mindless slave. Combine secretpharmaceuticals inducing simulated death with oxygen deprivation in atomb, then a hasty exhumation in the dark of night, and there emergesthe horrid premise behind the myth.:


Representation of a deity or devil with animal attributes.There is a body of literature suggests that the stones align withcelestial events fuelling the theory that the monument is some form ofcomplex astronomical observatory.For example the line between the Altar Stone extends to the precisepoint of midsummer sunrise.Janet and Colin Bord in their book Ancient Mysteries of Britain: 100years of Strange Events, Grafton, London 1987; have exposed some flawsin some of these alignments thus shedding some doubt on the theory ofan astronomical observatory.Like many megaliths the stones have been attributed healing propertiesdue to a high magnetic field. Indeed modern hospital therapy has foundthat electromagnetism accelerates the healing process of some bonefractures. This tends to lend some weight to the theory that Stonehengecould have been used as a source of healing energy.