About Us

The PCA Team

Richard Valdes – Lead Investigator/Spokesperson

Since childhood I have always shown interest in anything supernatural. I have a christian background and was exposed to religious studies delving into demonic possession, exorcisms, angels, and occult practices. Later on in my adulthood I continued my studies in these subject matters through the writings of my pastor Frank Marzulo. I read up on case files involving Ed and Loraine Warren, John Zaffis and especially the late and great Hanz Holzer. I have been mentioned in the book Ghost Hunters of the South by Alan Brown representing the state of Florida during my stint with Florida Ghost Team (2004-2005). I then created the National Paranormal Society with 2 other colleagues in April of 2005. We were mentioned again in a book State by State edited by Matt Weiland and Sean Wilsey for an investigation involving the great state of Louisiana and the ninth ward which was devastated by hurricane Katrina. The author’s name of that contributing story was Joshua Clark.
In 2015 I was given the honor from Bishop James Long and the United States Old Catholic Church to be recognized as one of three demonologists for his organization.

My new team and I, Paranormal Consulting Agency, wish to continue to shed light onto the unknown world of the paranormal in hopes of helping every client one at a time.

Olga Garcia – Investigator/EVP Specialist

 I am presently a Field Analyst/ Investigator and one of the founding members for Paranormal Consulting Society. Here are some of my experiences with the world of the paranormal, which inspired me to become a paranormal researcher:
It all began when I was eight when my family and I moved into a new home. All was peaceful for a while, but there was always something about that house that made me feel uneasy. I did not realize that those feelings of uneasiness were brought about by supernatural occurrences. Later in life I discovered scientific research proving that one’s psychic abilities are manifested usually at eight years of age but there are many who believe that this can occur at a younger age. I would see small shadowy figures running from the corner of my eye and my dog would bark at the wall for no apparent reason.
To this day I still have personal run-ins with the paranormal of which I am still trying to understand. My colleagues in National Paranormal Society are helping me to understand and, in turn, be able to help those who come to us for help.
My aspirations for the future are to become a Demonologist, as well as educating those of the paranormal.

Zoe Frey – Investigator/Researcher
Bio Coming Soon
Tami Valdes – Investigator/Client Care/Reiki Master

I am very proud to represent PCA as a Reiki Master who studied under Jed Schlackman. Angel Garcia was the original Reiki master that brought me to this field of study by discovering that I have a natural energy healing gift. I help clients who need energy balancing as part of the healing process. I am also the client care for the team and will interview the client to find the best way that PCA can help the client. Often I am the contact person for the team and will follow up on cases and clients to ensure proper client care. Kindness, patience, and perseverance is what I like to believe I bring to the team to benefit our clients.

Anissa Pfannenstiel – LCSW

Anissa Pfannenstiel, LCSW, provides services in a private practice in Hollywood, Florida offering individual, group therapy, workshops and spiritual/contemplative counseling.

Her approach utilizes a combination of Western psychology, Eastern philosophies and transpersonal psychology in her work with her clients. Additionally, release and healing work is facilitated with hypnotherapy and EMDR. Her educational background consists of a degree in Minority Studies from WSU and a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work for Newman Univeristy. She has her certification in hypnotherapy, is an EMDR practitioner and has extensive knowledge in spiritual studies and philosophies.


LightGiver is a Master of Divinity representing a mainstream denomination who also has an undergraduate scientific degree.

“My experience began when I was eleven. I had a dream (or vision) of my Grandfather. Although at the time he lived in a nursing home, in my dream he was in his old homestead rocking slowly in his rocking chair while watching his telephone. When he reached for his phone as if to make a call I woke up and walked into my parent’s bedroom. Just then the phone began to ring and before my parents answered the phone, I said, “Grandpa is dead!” I don’t know how I knew; I just knew. You can imagine my parent’s expressions when Dad answered the phone and was told exactly the same thing I said moments before!

I don’t think the paranormal is “supernatural.’ My personal theory is that all things paranormal are merely a part of what science has yet to quantify. Spirits, ghosts, etc., are organized and sometimes intelligent energy existing beyond the physical body stage with which we are so familiar. I am convinced that it is an everyday part of nature. Most of these spirits find their way to their proper destination after the death of their physical bodies. What we encounter are the much smaller percentage that remain for awhile for various reasons.

Angel Garcia

My name is Angel. I am a Medium with psychometric psychic abilities; meaning I see with touch. I also work with eclectic pagan arts to tap into the energies and help those who are living deal with those whom have passed. I have worked with private clients and paranormal investigators alike. I didn’t choose this path…I believe it was chosen for me. I was born with my abilities and was given the opportunity to help others understand the supernatural. I’ve lived in Miami and worked directly with PCA there and am now with the Georgia division of PCA. We are NOT just “Paranormal Investigators”, we are consultants with a singular goal in mind; helping people understand and
live with the supernatural. I could not be any more prouder of the team we have assembled and the family we have become. I do not charge for the use of my gift, for it is just that, a gift, and I believe I was born with this life mission and will continue to do my best to help those in need.